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Featured Artist Series with Volcom Stone SA
Sold throughout Europe and Asia in various stores (Kyoto, Paris, Rome etc.) and online.

«No waves to surf or rain on the sidewalks? No problem, you'll always find a bar ready to welcome you with a pinball machine to tilt or a darts tournament to organize with your friends!
Our Featured Artist Nando von Arb helped us capture this essential element of our identity.»

«Hailing from Zurich, Switzerland, Nando spent some time between Lucerne and Ghent, where he graduated as an illustrator. After blossoming as a comics and graphic novels writer, Nando just gave Volcom a new mascot: the Dartcat.»

«A cat is said to have nine lives. Nando's cat has burnt his at both ends and is now causing trouble on various pieces of our autumn line, with a varsity and back-to-school vibe.»

© Nando von Arb & Volcom Stone